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Guided Wealth Portfolios

Guided Wealth Portfolios (GWP) combines the ease of an online advisor platform with the expertise of a personal financial advisor to deliver low-cost, worry free and incredibly transparent personalized investment solutions.

Investment Process & Philosophy

With GWP, we aim to provide you a diversified portfolio that matches your risk preferences and helps you work toward your unique financial goals. This is combined with daily account monitoring that auto-rebalances your account when necessary and identifies tax-saving opportunities to not only keep your portfolio in line with its goals, but potentially improve it for greater diversification and future growth.

With GWP, you don’t have to worry about managing or updating your portfolio, as we handle it for you. You get insight into what’s happening in your portfolio through your online portal, and if you ever have any questions about your investment strategy, we’re just a phone call away.

There Are 5 Primary Investment Objectives Available Through GWP:

1. Aggressive Growth: The goal is to grow the account size as much as possible by purchasing investments that have the possibility for high returns. However, potentially higher rewards come with potentially higher risk. This portfolio has a high level of risk.

2. Growth: The goal is to grow the account size over the long term by purchasing investments that have potential for good returns. To accomplish this, the investments used will also be more risky, but less risky than an aggressive growth portfolio would use. This type of portfolio is considered to have higher than average risk.

3. Growth with Income: The goal is to modestly grow the account size, but not at the expense of risking larger losses. This generally means investments will be purchased that are expected to have average returns and losses.

4. Income with Moderate Growth: The goal is largely to protect existing funds, while growing them somewhat for the future. This means less risky investments are purchased, which are expected to have lower returns but also fewer losses.

5. Income with Capital Preservation: The goal is to protect existing funds. This means the least risky investment types are purchased, which likely have lower returns but are less likely to have large losses.

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